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Re: **UPDATED** [Nov 5-2016] [Image] Raspberry Pi ZERO / B / B+ 2 Ready to use image with VNC

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:48 pm
If you have downloaded November build, delete and download Decembers image.

Stupid problem in Novembers build that I forgot to check. It is possible to get it working, but, honestly, don`t.

December is all good.

Merry Christmas!


Re: [4GB] [FIXED][Dec 20-2016] [Image] [Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use image with VNC

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:25 pm
by g4vpd
Hi nice easy build to insall for a Pi novice
Up and running on my Pi3 but it starts searching for dv4 stick and locks up after running without probs for 48hours requiring a reboot to fix
Any ideas

Mike g4vpd wrote:Hello!

DV4mini build for raspberry pi 0/1 B/B+/2/3 - kept to a minimum so it will fit on a 4gb card. And it does.

Update December 2016

Fully up-to-date Raspbian Jessie - using LXDE desktop environment to maintain some degree of performance on the zero / B(+)

Mono4 complete runtime built from source (credit to Plugwash)

X11VNC for direct VNC access. In your PC - Just get your IP address and port 5900 in your VNC client and use.

Autostarting of DV4mini or DV4MF2 selectable via scripts on the desktop of this build. Just click and edit by adding or subtracting "#". Easy. All explained in the script file which is called (right-click and edit with leafpad, or nano if you prefer to do it from shell)
Choice of DV4Mini, DV4mini+ or DV4MF2 control application. These are the newest releases at the time of writing.

Firmware folder containing 1.65, 1.66 and 1.73 firmware

This fits easily onto a 4gb card.

VNC Resolution 1024x768

To use:

Download below, extract zip and write to 4GB (or bigger if you wish) card using Win32 Disk Imager.

[b]First boot, you will need a monitor/keyboard connected if using wifi dongle as you need to enter your wifi particulars in raspbian (from the icon in the tray)

All passwords are "pi" VNC, Root, etc.

Any problems message or email thanks.


M0WCA - Matt
M1CXF - Trevor

April/May build
June build
December build

Re: [4GB] [FIXED][Dec 20-2016] [Image] [Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use image with VNC

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:20 pm
Hello Mike.

I had exactly the same trouble. How I fixed it was to set up a crontab job.

I also recommend setting up a "crontab" to automatically reboot the pi every now and again - should avoid any freezing issues.

If you go to the terminal and type in crontab -e (or sudo crontab -e), a text file will open. Scroll to bottom and you will see there is a # in front of a reboot entry (0 */3 * * * /sbin/reboot).

If you uncomment this line, (followed by [ctrl] + o which is "Writeout" - save in other words. Then [ctrl] + x to exit) your pi will reboot every three hours, keeping things fresh. Change the */3 to */6 for 6 hours, */12 for 12 hours etc. I disabled this by default just incase you didn`t want your pi spontaenously rebooting!

There is more info on crontab on the tinterweb.

Remember, a # = the item is "commented out" or disabled. Remove the # to enable. Sorry for teaching everyone how to suck eggs, This is information for non-linux users, ie x86 Windows users whom might not be up to speed on the pi yet.

I have been investigating this since April. The German builds have had similar trouble I have read.

My theories are:

1) A problem in the mono runtime
2) A problem with USB ports going to "sleep"
3) A memory leak somewhere

I will keep looking for a remedy. The mono runtime is not the newest but it is built for the Pi 0/1, so it may have a problem?

In the meantime, set up a crontab job as I have outlined above. In testing my images have ran for weeks non-stop.

Re: [4GB] [09-01-2017] [Image] [Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use image with VNC

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:40 pm
by g4vpd
January image downloaded and sdcard made but image has no dv4mini support
Is the download link correct ?
Tried twice now
Regards mike

Re: [4GB] [09-01-2017] [Image] [Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use image with VNC

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:33 pm
by g4vpd
Thanks for the info
Will try the crontag suggestion tomorrow once re flashed sd with december build

Re: [4GB] [09-01-2017] [Image] [Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use image with VNC

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:25 pm
Hmmm... Not too sure. Will double check the image.

Sorry for any trouble!!!

Re: [2GB] [14-01-2017] [Image] Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use DV4MINI image with VNC

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:08 pm
by g4vpd
The new 2gb image wont boot on my pi model 3

4gb dec image runs but looses dv4 at random from an hours use to 48hrs (random crash)

Tried to do the crotag suggestion from earlier post/thread reply but no joy
Terminal says no crontag file and wants to create a blank file biginning 888
Im lost at that point
Hopefully you can sort out the pi3 boot issue in the next image
Mike g4vpd

Re: [2GB] [14-01-2017] [Image] Raspberry Pi ZERO, B / B+, 2, 3 Ready to use DV4MINI image with VNC

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:33 pm
Hello Mike

I have just tried the image on my Pi zero AND my Pi 3B. Works flawlessly on both devices.

What kind of memory card are you using? Maybe a problem with that?

Are you sure the image is written correctly?

Is your power supply strong enough? At least 1A power supply is needed. Thats a UK 1A (ie from Amazon Firestick USB plug or other DECENT ONE), not a 99p fleabay Chinese "1A"! 2A would be better.

It isn`t crontag! It`s cronTAB :lol:
The crontab is done by entering "sudo crontab -e" as I written in the how-to thats earlier in this thread.

Please keep us informed.