DV4-mini (Fusion) running on a PC-Linux-Ubuntu

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DV4-mini (Fusion) running on a PC-Linux-Ubuntu

Postby KC4GYB - Marsh » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:07 pm

Hi all,
I am looking for a step to step guide to install the DV4-mini on a PC-Linux running Ubuntu 14.10.
The dongle will be running on the C4FM/Fusion digital mode.

My questions:
1) Is Ubuntu 14.10 the best distro for the DV4-mini/70cm-C4FM?
2) Are there any particular PC-Linux DV4-mini software versions that I should use?
3) Are there any links online which I can follow a guide to install the DV4-mini on a PC-Linux?

I have install the DV4-mini on Windows 10 and the Raspberry PI and have worked with no problems, now I am working on a particular project where I have to make it work on a PC-Linux.

Thanks for all the help, any tips will be very much appreciated.


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