DV4Mini Help Requested - Audio Dropout/Un-key

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DV4Mini Help Requested - Audio Dropout/Un-key

Postby w6pc » Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:38 pm

Hello All-

Problem - my audio from the DV4 computer to the reflector seems to randomly drop a syllable every now and then. About 10 occurrences in a 20 second transmission. The listener gets the "beep" indicating I un-keyed, but I didn't. The audio feedback from the -99 echo server sounds excellent, no drops.

Steps taken to resolve:

1. Swapped DV4's with a friend (v.166 SW)
2. Swapped computers, now on # 3
3. Swapped internet connections, one via hotspot and one via hardwire
4. All Windows 10 SW is up to date, in fact all the computer SW is UTD.
5. Changed all cat5 cables
6. I am in line of site with the repeater (1/4 km)

None of these steps helped. This is on my transmitted audio only, I hear the distant station flawlessly. Any suggestions of where to look next or how to make meaningful measurements?

Need advice, I also, ripping my hair out, which is bad, because I have not much left!

73 de W6PC


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